Legal Services in Cyprus

Legal Services in Cyprus

Updated on Thursday 16th July 2020

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Moving to Cyprus or starting a business here requires the help of specialists who can make the transition easier, which is what our lawyers in Cyprus are prepared for. With a vast experience in various civil and corporate matters, our law firm offers a wide variety of legal services in Cyprus.

Among the legal services we can provide foreign and local citizens with are:

  • -          assistance in various types of civil matters, such as relocating to Cyprus and litigation cases;
  • -          assistance in setting up various types of companies in Cyprus, suitable for natural persons and companies;
  • -          assistance in various tax legislation matters, such as tax planning and tax advice;
  • -          guidance in obtaining various types of permits and licenses for companies established here;
  • -          assistance in buying real estate property in Cyprus and in matters related to employment.



Below, our Cypriot lawyers offer detailed information about some of the legal services we can provide you with. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Legal services for civil matters in Cyprus

The Cyprus Civil Law covers a wide range of legal matters, among which:

  • -          debt collection;
  • -          family law matters;
  • -          litigation;
  • -          residence and work permit matters;
  • -          real estate purchases;
  • -          contract law matters.


In case of debt collection, our Cypriot lawyers can help both the debtor and the creditor in obtaining a suitable outcome, based on their case, respectively claim. Debt collection in Cyprus can be completed in an amicable way, however, it is also possible to take the case to court, in case no agreement has been reached. You only need to discuss with our lawyers about your case in order for them to propose a solution.

Another aspect in which our law firm in Cyprus can help is Family Law. From marriage registration of foreign citizens coming to this country to divorce and child custody, one can rely on the legal services provided by our attorneys. We can also assist in child support and alimony matters.

Litigation in another branch of Civil Law in which our Cypriot law firm can offer assistance. There are three ways of resolving a dispute: mediation, arbitration, and court litigation. If you find yourself in such a situation, make sure to reach out to our lawyers for legal assistance.

We can also help foreign citizens interested in obtaining residence or work permits in Cyprus. There are several ways of acquiring a residence permit for Cyprus, however, the most sought way is by investment. This type of residence can later lead to obtaining Cypriot citizenship, so do not hesitate to get in contact with our lawyers for detailed information on how to benefit from the programs created by the government for foreign investors interested in moving to Cyprus.

If you are interested in buying a property in Cyprus, our lawyers can offer the necessary assistance in purchasing any type of real estate. We can also offer real estate due diligence services for those interested in verifying the property about to buy.

Formation of Cyprus companies

Legal Assistance and Representation for the formation of LTD (Cyprus Private Company Limited by Shares) and PLC (Cyprus Public Company Limited by Share) and all other types of companies that can be registered in Cyprus. This also includes services related to company formation such as company domiciliation, accounting services etc.

When it comes to starting a business in Cyprus, our legal services imply:

  1. -          drafting and notarizing the company’s statutory documents;
  2. -          filing the required documentation with the Trade Register;
  3. -          registering for taxation, VAT and social security purposes;
  4. -          opening the company’s bank account;
  5. -          representation in front of the authorities for obtaining various types of licenses.


You can also grant our lawyers a power of attorney if you want the company registration procedure to be completed remotely.  We can also assist with EORI registration in Cyprus.

We also invite you to watch our video on the legal services available in Cyprus:

Establishment of subsidiaries and/or branches in Cyprus

Legal services in Cyprus related to the setup of Cyprus legal entities with or without independent legal personality: Cyprus subsidiaries and branches.

Foreign companies interested in setting up their presence in Cyprus can register subsidiaries or branches under very advantageous conditions. They only need to let us know the operations they want to complete here in order for our Cypriot lawyers to make the right recommendations. 

Special permits or licenses for company activities

Assistance obtaining permits and licenses needed in order to conduct business activities in Cyprus. This relates to permits from local authorities, licenses to conduct certain financial activities, requirements to hire a Cyprus national etc.

There are various industries in which obtaining specific licenses is mandatory, which is why it is best to keep updated on all the procedures related to applying for any business permit and authorization from competent authorities.

Mergers and acquisitions in Cyprus

Mergers and acquisitions are procedures which must comply with very strict regulations, which is why the assistance of a Cypriot law firm is essential. 

We can assist in mergers and acquisitions, purchase of shares in existing Cyprus companies as well as other corporate restructuring matters on the Cyprus market.

Liquidation and dissolution of Cyprus companies

Our Cyprus lawyers and accountants provide legal assistance related to the dissolution and liquidation of Cyprus companies as well as bankruptcy procedures.

If you need assistance, we can guide you thorugh the trademark registration in Cyprus.

Corporate and commercial litigation in Cyprus

Our lawyers will be able to represent you throughout all the stages of litigation in Cyprus. If you need assistance in any type of litigation procedure, our law firm in Cyprus can offer the necessary legal support in order to achieve the best results. You can rely on our legal services for a wide range of cases related to corporate affairs.

Tax advice and planning in Cyprus

Advice on Cyprus taxation methods and on legal minimization of taxes. Our Cyprus tax lawyers have the experience to offer tailored legal advice in relation to the taxation of your company in Cyprus.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any type of legal service in Cyprus. is part of a wide network of legal consultants, which operate in numerous countries all over the world. If you need legal assistance in immigration matters in US, we can put you in touch with our partner law firm.